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The véloroute of the Canal du Nivernais is a paradise for cyclist, make it great for families.
Have a break and discover things in your own time villages which line the canal.

Logbook from Cercy-la-Tour to Achun

From south coming from Decize, you will arrive at Cercy-la-Tour, shops and services are many.

To Panneçot, you can discover local products, taste them with a local menu at the restaurant La Rustine.

Next make a break to Fleury, you will find a welcome place.

You arrive then to Châtillon-en-Bazois with its magnificent castle and its shops and services, as well as a reception area of the véloroute where you can have a rest for the night.
At the village of Achun, you will be warmly welcomed with l’Ecluse de Chavance.

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