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Peaceful mountain

The summits of Morvan not only shape the landscape, but they also contribute to giving life to a natural and beneficial wealth : the water and especially the thermal water.

It takes more than twenty years to cover the twenty kilometres between the spring and the spa. That is the time needed to travel through the granite base up to 2,500 metres deep and to reach the temperature of 105°C necessary for capturing the chemical elements which provide them with their specific virtues.

Well-being on the summits

Thermal baths of Saint-Honoré-les-Bains

The Romans had already noted their therapeutic virtues. Although people still travel to Saint-Honoré to treat rheumatism and respiratory disorders, it is not necessary to be ill to visit the modern spa.

The Compagnie des Spas offers a complete range of relaxing and invigorating treatment programmes.

Welness activities at the Cocon du Morvan

In Preporché, Colette and Daniel offer a personalized welcome in the serene and relaxing setting of their accommodation with a wellness programme as traditional and energetic massages

Bio Bribacte, a valuable ally for beautiful skin.

In the Domaine des Merens de Bibracte, at Quart du Bois in Poil. Nathalie and Xavier Niaux use organic techniques to breed a herd of horses, the mares of which produce a milk which offers revitalising, regenerating, and regulating virtues for all the body’s functions.

Wellness programme at the Tourist office

Relaxation, peace and quiet, rest for mind and body are the key words of this program which offers yoga, Qi-gong, aqua fitness and sophrology

The power of water

Springs flow and waters babble all over the mountain of Morvan.

In Villapourcon, the Dragne, where native crayfish can still be found, the water becomes calmer as it flows into the Rangère dam before tumbling down a ten-metre fall and heading towards the Villapourçon Cirque and its wide agricultural valley dominated by the summits.

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