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How beautiful the mountain is…

Generous, beneath the impenetrable exterior. To truly understand this keep your eyes peeled and discover an authentic environment

Breathtaking views

Authentic landscapes and gorgous viewpoints come to you when you arrive in the Morvan. You will leave behind the plains and enter a world of medium-altitude mountains. This ocean of forests and bocages, with its pure and refreshing air, generous nature and authentic environment, it is the Morvan of summits. A guarantee of complete immersion in a world apart.

Arouse your curiosity

Keep your eyes peeled everytime and everywhere. Discover the Morvan and soak in local culture.

Get your fill of excitement

Discover landscapes with a guide or alone : the source of a river, a rare plant or to go for a hike on the highest summits : the Mont-Genièvre (637m) in Villapourçon, the Mont-Touleur (586m) in Larochemillay or the Mont-Dône (513m) in Luzy.

You are interested in fishing, go on the banks of ponds and rivers of the first or second category. The waters of southern Morvan have populations of brown trouts or crayfishs. Beautiful rivers of the first category, such as Dragne and Roche, will satisfy the most experienced fishermen and entertain the adventurers.

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