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The Morvan

Welcome in the Morvan of summits : a mountain of pleasure and emotion.

Forest floors covered with blueberries, fragrances of fern, mushroom, picturesque paths, viewpoints and streams. Summits, sheer slopes and wide valleys combine to offer a landscape of forest and farmland which creates a mountain style atmosphere.

In southern Morvan, discover the Mont-Beuvray and the tradition of chestnut farming. Summits of pleasure, encounters, history and festivities, Morvan opens its doors, cafe terraces and festivals to you.

If you are tempted by a revitalising break at Saint-Honoré-les-Bains spa, or a meander along the byways of Morvan on the trail of some magnificent viewpoints, the summits of Morvan are just what you are looking for…

How beautiful the mountain is…

Generous, beneath the impenetrable exterior. To truly understand this keep your eyes peeled and discover an authentic environment

Peaceful mountain

The summits of Morvan not only shape the landscape, but they also contribute to giving life to a natural and beneficial wealth : the water.