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Untamed river

The fauna and flora that inhabits the river shores makes it an unequaled jewel of ecology.

A wild nature

The township of Charrin and Saint-Hilaire-Fontaine are bordered by the river which owns a great diversity of natural environments linked to the river. At the end of the summer, you will be pleasantly surprised by groupings of white storks.

Slow down ! If you wish to contemplate closely La Loire, the village of Thareau part of the township of Saint-Hilaire-Fontaine.

A little history…

Until the 18th century, La Loire was a very place and Thareau a river port, mandatory stop for the abundant traffic of boats. Nowadays still exists delightful cottages made of bricks on erected on the side of La Loire.

In Charrin, the nave of the church, rebuilt in 1705, testifies to this past with its wooden vault shaped as a boat hull.

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